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Jan. 12th, 2010

[23] - Disney misc (Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Lion King, Wall-E, The hunchback of Notre Dame)
[09] - Harry Potter Slytherin house icons
[20] - Harry Potter (including animations)
[19] - Merlin (including one animation)
[25] - Supernatural (including animations)
[38] - True Blood
[46] - Twilight saga: New Moon (including animations)
[22] - The Underworld
[32] - Stock

[02] - New Moon (Marcus)

More here @ bloomyicons if you're interested.
;a marcus fanmix
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Michael Sheen on the Late Late Show

Michael Sheen (Aro) appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night to promote New Moon.


Source: TheLateLateShow/Youtube

Michael Sheen On Bonnie Hunt

Michael Sheen was one of the guest stars on today’s episode of The Bonnie Hunt Show.You can check out a preview of the show on the official website.


Bonnie will also be interviewing Kellan, Nikki, Ashley, and from the ‘New Moon’ soundtrack, Anya Marina later in the week.

This Week (November 30 – December 4th) On The Bonnie Hunt Show:

Wednesday (December 2nd) – Guest Star: Kellan Lutz & Anya Marina
Thursday (December 3rd) – Guest Star: Nikki Reed
Friday (December 4th) – Guest Star: Ashley Greene

Christopher Heyerdahl knows from fanatics. Up ‘til now, the Canadian actor has bulked up his Imdb credits with work on cult sci-fi series the likes of Supernatural, Stargate: Atlantis, Smallville and the recently Gemini-honoured Sanctuary. But with his latest role -- that of the millennia-old, heartsick Volturi vampire, Marcus -- in the upcoming New Moon, Heyerdahl’s been introduced to a whole new breed of fangirl: the Twihard.

Before New Moon causes mass “dazzling” and hysteria in theatres Nov. 20, Heyerdahl talked to Dose.ca about the key difference between a Twi-hard and your garden variety sci-fi fanatic, how Marcus’ vampire superpowers (he’s an empath) would have come in handy on the New Moon set and how it was that a Twilight fan convinced him to take the role.



Used to playing a werewolf in the 'Underworld' series and other colourful characters, he likes the switch to playing an evil character in the 'Twilight' series.

Reporting from Vancouver, Canada - It's a crisp May morning on the set of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” and Michael Sheen strides into an elaborate reconstruction of an Italianate marble hall in costume as Aro, the head of the Volturi, a menacing group of age-old vampires that metes out justice in the realm of the supernatural. Dressed in a cloak, he's sporting long, black locks, bright red lips and matching tinted contact lenses that give him a distinctly malevolent look.

When a reporter asks if it's uncomfortable to look through the eyes of a monster, he suggests, quite politely and quite to the contrary: "No, I think it's more uncomfortable for you."

Sheen does seem right at home on the Vancouver soundstage, inhabiting his villainous role in the second movie adapted from Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" novels with unbridled glee.

In "New Moon," due out Nov. 20, Robert Pattinson's handsome vampire Edward leaves his human girlfriend Bella (Kristen Stewart), hoping that his departure will enable her to live a happy, supernatural-free life. But the breakup has devastating consequences for both characters, who find themselves facing down the Volturi about the nature of their relationship and Bella's knowledge of the undead.

In take after take, Sheen's voice glides upward as he welcomes the young lovers into his chambers, a fairly forbidding place, what with a coven's worth of other vamps lurking around.

Throughout his career, the Welsh actor has demonstrated a rare willingness to move between two distinctly different cinematic planes -- critically acclaimed prestige films and not-so-acclaimed but more commercial genre fare. He's portrayed former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the 2006 historical drama "The Queen" and the half-werewolf Lucian in two of the movies in the "Underworld" series.

It's a pattern he's continuing to embrace. He's currently starring as soccer coach Brian Clough in “The Damned United,” and following "New Moon," he'll appear in Disney's sci-fi outing "Tron Legacy" and Tim Burton’s lavish fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland,” both due out next year.

"I think a good story's a good story and a good character's a good character," Sheen said. "There are things that I've done . . . especially, 'The Queen' and 'Frost/Nixon,' they just happen to be in the world of politics. The thing that draws me to them is they're compelling stories. . . It doesn't matter to me if they're in the world of politics or in the 'Twilight' world of vampires."

Sheen said he was first introduced to that world of "Twilight" through his daughter, a devoted reader of Meyer's bestselling series. A fan of science fiction and fantasy, Sheen found the opportunity to don Aro's robes particularly appealing. "I thought it would be exciting to play a vampire instead of a werewolf, go across to the other side of the tracks," he said with a red-lipped grin. "I've never played a character who delights in his own evil before."

When filming breaks for lunch, the actor, clutching a copy of "New Moon," says he understands just how important it is to get every detail of his performance right. He doesn't want to disappoint Meyer's legions of fans.

"People have such passionate feelings about the books as I know through my daughter -- there's nothing more terrifying in some ways than the passions of teenage girls," he said, adding that it will be impossible for him to embody every reader's notions about Aro. "I remember my daughter said, 'Aro is bald.' Clearly he's not, but that's her picture of him. Maybe she was thinking of Nosferatu."


It’s true. If you Google the name Daniel Cudmore, all sorts of descriptive words not fit for this article pop up. With muscles bulging through even a thick, tweed jacket, he is, in fact, difficult to ignore.

And yes, Daniel’s immense size have played a large (pun intended) part in the movie parts that he’s secured in his short, yet glamorous career. For the record, the enthusiastic Canadian actor reveals his true stats-- 6’7”, 240 pounds. Thus began our interview.

I asked Daniel, an obvious sports enthusiast, how he was drawn towards the dramatic arts.
“I started drama in high school. I've always been hyperactive, so in 10th grade I got to do it in the proper class instead of math class,” he chuckled. “In Canada, schools aren’t as intense about sports.”

the interview is in hereCollapse )

Twilight Parents Examiner - Kimberly Sherman ( screencap credit twilightxchange )

Official New Moon Background Images

Summit Entertainment’s official Twilight Twitter account recently shared some New Moon Twitter backgrounds (or can be used on your PC, etc). They have more backgrounds on their TwiPic account, including: Laurent, Aro, Marcus, Alec, and Caius! You can check them out here!


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2 HQ from the new Volturi section

HQ pictures from the new Volturi section on twilightthemovie.com - via [info]twilightxchange

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